As you contemplate making donations, please keep The Crossing in mind. Your contributions are needed for everything from special programs to basic operating expenses, so please be as generous as you can with your support this holiday season and in the year ahead. For your convenience, we offer online giving through our secure online payment site. Simply clink the link to our online donation page, and follow the simple instructions.

All donations are tax-deductible.



Unity is required to rebuild our community

The Crossing desires to rebuild the brokenness of the community in the areas of hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness in Cullman County, Alabama, through the following goals:

Keeping the shelves stocked with food and toiletries.

Open a Community Kitchen to provide hot meals to those in need.

Open a "Respite House".

Prepare garden areas for sustainability, and provide healthy foods for our participants. 

As demonstrated by Nehemiah in the Bible, we will join together to repair the broken areas in our community that require concentrated attention.  In the book of Nehemiah,  the Israelites stood united to repair the wall around Jerusalem, and each family repaired the area in front of them.  Neighbors joined together to complete the wall in record time, protecting each other during enemy attacks and created a stronger love for each other and their community. The rebuilding of the sense of community is vital for the results to remain year after year.

No one can do this alone; we need the strength of unity to complete these goals and to retain the progress made.

Based on the population of Cullman County, which was estimated at 81,289 people in 2014.

$1/person per month ($12/person each year) is donated, that would generate $975,468.00

$1/person per week ($52/person each year) is donated, that would generate $4,227,028.00


p: 256-709-2780


The Crossing is a 501 c3 non-profit.
EIN 32-0354625

All donations are tax deductible.


Cullman County Dept. of Human Resources

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